The Story of Motumbo and Mary

Published on Wed 08 December 1999

Motumbo was a Black African from Senegal who had recently moved to London. Mary was the daughter of a typical high falutin' English family. Milky white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, as proper as they come. Motumbo and Mary met at Covent Gardens where Motumbo sold flowers and souvenirs.

After a month or so of dating, Mary decided to bring Motumbo home to meet her parents. Daddy was the Lord of Stuckup, and was mortified when he saw Motumbo. But he thought fast and told the African that if he wanted to continue to see his daughter, he would have to get an education first. Not just any education mind you... a Harvard education.

Motumbo replied, "Motumbo love Mary... Motumbo go get edumacation!"

Off Motumbo went to Harvard. He studied like a nutjob and came back after only 6 months with an MBA in finance!

Needless to say, the Lord of tuckupness was pretty pissed off. So he told Motumbo that in order to continue to see his daughter, Motumbo would now need to earn some money. Not just any money mind you... a Million Bucks.

To which Motumbo replied, "Motumbo love Mary... Motumbo go get million bocks!"

Off Motumbo went to Wall Street where he applied his Harvard education on the NYSE and made a fortune! He was making a million a week.

So he went back to see Lord Snotty Face who was really fuckin' pissed off now. He told Motumbo the last condition he would have to meet in order to marry his milky white daughter was to have a 12" penis. Motumbo was mortified. After all he had done to convince her father.

He sat there and thought about it for a good ten minutes before he responded,

"Motumbo love Mary enough to cut it!"

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