The Jokes Club

Published on Wed 08 December 1999

In a small town there existed a jokes club. They met once a week and told each other jokes. It turned out that the same jokes were repeated on and on. In order to be able to tell more jokes in an evening the club decided to give a number to each joke. The members had to learn the numbers and so they only had to tell the number of the joke.

One day a visitor was invited to join a session.

Somebody shouted, "94!" Twenty seconds of laughter followed.

"123!" Ten seconds of laughter.

"74!" Twelve seconds of laughter.

And so on it went all the evening. The visitor was somehow puzzled. At some point he decided also to shout a number, "365!" There followed more than five minutes of laughter. The visitor was even more puzzled.

After the audience came back to silence, he asked the man next to him, "Why were you laughing such a long time?"

The man answered, "It was the first time we heard this joke."

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