Swedish Sandwich

Published on Sun 05 May 2002

An American soldier was on duty in Sweden. He took a Swedish gal out to the movies.

They settled in, started some light petting, and the American said, "Now in America we call this hamburger."

The gal says, "Yah, yah vee call dis hamburger in Svedin, too."

The movie continues and they go a little further.

The American says, "Now in America, we call this pastrami."

The gal says, "Yah, yah vee call dis pastrami in Svedin too."

They decide to leave the movie and go park. They get in the back seat and really go at it.

Afterwards, the American says, "Now in America we call this a sandwich."

The gal says, "Yah, yah, vee call dis a sandvich in Svedin too. Only vee put a little more meat in it."

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