Desperate Girl

Published on Thu 02 May 2002

A young girl had just been dumped by her boyfriend and was devastated. She decided that life was not worth living, so she walked down to the docks and out to the end of a pier. She was standing there gathering the courage to jump when a young man grabbed her arm and started talking to her.

He told her, "I am a seaman sailing for Europe in the morning and I'll smuggle you aboard my ship and take good car of you."

The young lady agreed and the young man smuggled her aboard and hid her in a lifeboat along the side of the ship. Every day he would bring her food and they would make mad passionate love. This went on for three weeks.

One day the captain was inspecting the ship and lifted the cover of the liferaft where the girl was hiding. He started interrogating her and she told him of the young sailor who had saved her and was being so nice to her.

The captain said, "Young lady, this is the Staten Island Ferry!"

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