Adam Feeling Lonely in Eden

Published on Tue 23 April 2002

Adam had spent some time in Eden, and began feeling lonely. So he asked God if he could arrange him some company.

To which God replied, "I can make you a companion, a woman. She'll tend to all your needs, will always understand your moods and cheer you up if you're feeling sad. She'll be very cooperative and will help all the ways she can."

"Wow, that sounds great. I'll want one of those definetely," Adam said.

"But it'll cost you."

"What's the cost?"

"It'll cost you your right arm, your left testicle, your left leg from knee downward and an eye. You can choose which eye."

Adam thought of this for a while, looking a bit conserned. Then he started speaking very carefully and obviously still in his thoughts, "Umm, God?"


"What would I get for, a... ummm... a rib?"

And the rest, as we know it, is history.

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