Spam by Any Other Name...

Published on Thu 28 September 1995

Mystery meat lunch:
Smooth, pink cubes oozing jelly.
It's gotta be SPAM.

Millions starve in Chad.
U.S. sends massive SPAM aid.
Millions starve in Chad.

"SPAM" in French is "Spamme."
Like Spamme frits and Spamme l'orange.
The French are so cool.

Pink food dye in can
With water, salt, chemicals:
It's a kosher SPAM.

SPAM is big in Greece.
With filo dough, feta, for

The tricorder hums.
Captain Kirk asks, "What is it?"
Bones says, "It's dead, Jim."

Psychologists think
Sartre wrote Nausea because
His mom fed him SPAM.

The ceiling fan turns.
The loaf sweats ominously.
Time is running out.

Is SPAM Kafkaesque
Or was Franz Kafka Spamesque?
That is the question.

SPAM--it's just the name.
It would not be an icon
If it were called "Phil."

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