Recruits for the CIA

Published on Sun 07 November 1999

The CIA advertised for new recruits. Three men answered and went to the office for an interview.

After filling out their applications, they were taken one at a time into another room where the interviewer told them, "One of the requirements for joining the CIA is that you have to prove your loyalty to us. We want you to take this gun, go in the other room and shoot your wife!"

Startled, the first job seeker replied, "I cannot do that, we just got married!"

The interviewer then told him that he was sorry, but that he would not receive a job offer.

The second applicant was then taken into the room and given the same proposal, to which he answered, "I cannot do that. We have been married 10 years and we have two lovely children!"

At that point, he was turned away also.

The last applicant was presented with the ultimatum in the same monotone to which he replied, "Sure, I will do it!"

He marched into the other room. Shots were fired and then noise came from the room as if a brawl were ensuing, including loud screams, kicking and thumping.

The interviewee returned to the room where he was asked what had happened.

He said, "Some jerk put blanks in the gun so I had to strangle her!"

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