A Look at the Panties

Published on Tue 14 May 2002

A young girl in her school uniform is walking down the street, on the way home from school, when a teenage boy says, "Hey girl, I'll give you a dollar to climb up that tree."

The young girls agrees, climbs the tree, and collects her reward. When she gets home she tells her mother about the dollar she recieved for climbing the tree.

Her mother replies by saying, "Never, ever, climb that tree again, that boy just wants to look at your panties."

The young girl promises she will never climb the tree again.

The next day on the way to school the young girls runs into the boy again, and he offers her five dollars now.

She thinks a moment, and agrees. She climbs the tree and collects her money. When she gets home she brags to her mother about the five dollars she recieved just for climbing that tree.

Once again her mother tells her never to climb the tree again, for the boy only wants to see her panties.

The young girl responds, "Haha, I fooled him, I didn't wear any!"

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