Red Chrome

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Red Chrome (RCR) was an Amiga demo group back in 1991-1993. The members were:

Red Chrome
  • Maverick (code)
  • Great J (code)
  • Deadlock (code)
  • Excelsior (music)
  • Dizzy (music)

You can paint it any color, so long as it's black. Whether it be a Model T or an Amiga demo background...


Demos by Red Chrome.

Some of the demos may behave badly under anything beyond ECS. Sorry.

Unanswered Questions

A once-in-a-lifetime music disk experience. Music composed by Excelsior. Released in January 1992 under the name Madmixers.

Download gzipped adf.

Screenshot: Main

Hidden Virtue

A pretty basic intro with a huge logo, a dotfield and a couple of scrollers, etc. Released on 30th of July, 1992.

Download gzipped adf or just the plain intro.

Screenshot: Logo Screenshot: Main Screenshot: End

It's Simple Logic, Mr. Spock!

An introduction to Hidden Virtue II trackmo (which never saw daylight) featuring a zooming logo and a vector object. Nothing fancy here, except for the music. Released on 23rd of April, 1993.

Download gzipped adf or just the plain intro. Soundtrack Wounded for Spock by Dizzy.

Screenshot: Logo Screenshot: Main


The best and only demo by Red Chrome, featuring most of the vector types known at that time, and introducing a special slime vector. Retrospectively this was fairly old skool already back then. Initially released at the Assembly '93, but 14th of August, 1993 is probably more accurate.

Download gzipped adf or just the plain demo. Soundtrack Resolution II by Dizzy. Source code on GitHub. Watch the demo on YouTube.

Screenshot: Name Screenshot: Slime Vector Screenshot: End

Heliopolis by EMT Design

Dizzy composed an excellent soundtrack Sleepwalker for Zuuni of EMT Design for his demo Heliopolis. Released on 1st of September, 1993.


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Red Chrome